In the very centre of Stockholm, you will find a palace with office space, conference rooms and a rich history.

Together, with you, it may become an unbeatable tool on your business journey.

Here you can read more about our offices, our desktop places and our relationship with
inspiration. You can also read about how The Match Palace challenges your relationship with time and creates space for what is more important. A lifestyle approach that has been tried in a couple of cities around the world before and that Stockholm is now ready for.

Västra trädgårdsgatan 15, SE-111 53 Stockholm

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The Club

The Club at The Match Palace is based on our members’ requirements. Decision makers, entrepreneurs and innovators with high requirements. In Sweden there has been no equivalent before, but this exclusive concept has been launched in a few global cities. A concept that Stockholm and Sweden is now ready for.

Each membership is unique. Of course, all members benefit from our services but we have no fixed list of those as they are designed to match each member’s lifestyle and preferences.

All members automatically take advantage of our simpler benefits, such as a personal trainer in the Palace gym or breakfast each morning in the pleasantly furnished open kitchen. Also included is

access to the lounge, with its honesty bar, the opportunity to eat lunch in the Club and a subtle sense of being part of an exclusive group of friends on your own terms.

All Club workplaces are carefully designed to create as attractive an environment as possible. The only things our members need to bring are their computers. As a member, you can choose a private room, a fixed desk space or access to the Club lounge areas. Including Kreuger’s spectacular and heritage-listed boardroom. Whatever the choice, every member has access to the Palace’s meeting areas with rooms for between 2 to 60 visitors.

To apply for membership or to book a private viewing, please contact Marie at:

+46 76 677 22 41 or

About the Match Palace

The Match Palace was constructed for Ivar Kreuger, once the world’s richest man, who desired a monument to his success. A building that reflected his attitude to the modern and his good taste. With his resources, he also wanted it fast. The Palace was built with amazing speed between 1926-1928 by a “dream team” of architects, interior designers and artists. Grünewald, Milles, Tengbom and Malmsten, names that still associate with style and exquisite taste.

The Palace, when it was built, had unobstructed views of the Royal Gardens. The Palace is a beautiful example of the Swedish Art Deco variant from the 20s, known globally as the “Swedish Grace” style. Among other buildings from this period are Stockholm’s Concert Hall and City Library.

Kreuger’s personal office, now part of The Club at The Match Palace, was designed to make an impression. Over the door in the waiting room you can find a tree mosaic depicting the oldest match factory in Sweden and two torches with three stars. The link to Kreuger’s match business is found everywhere, from door handles to parquet floors and chandeliers.

The boardroom, also part of The Club, is so special and beautiful that it is almost impossible to try and describe it in words. The table’s unique curved shape, for example, was not primarily an aesthetic choice but a practical one too. From Kreuger’s position, as Chairman of the Board, in the middle of the longer western side, he was able to observe his colleagues reactions without them having the same advantage. Divide and conquer!

As Kreuger became engulfed in scandal in the spring of 1932, the Palace became the scene of another story, that of a man who had built a fortress in the centre of Stockholm with a series of defensive walls against a more threatening environment. A saga of a physical and mental retreat that did not stop until it reached the sparsely furnished “quiet room” in the middle of the Palace where only Ivar and his secretary had access.

Today The Match Palace is, once again, a place for Sweden’s foremost entrepreneurs and innovators. Just like in the 20’s, it is proof of Sweden’s international position and a monument that says; anything is possible.


On the lower floors you will find the Match Palace’s conference rooms. Nine rooms for anything from 2 to 60 people, decorated in a manner more reminiscent of large, luxurious private apartments than any standard conference rooms. Amongst these you will also find a state-of-the-art auditorium that will enhance any business presentation.

On the mezzanine level, in Kreuger’s old bank hall, our dining room is located, where delicious business lunches, focusing on ecological produce, are served every day. You can also book to eat lunch in a private “chambre séparée” if your conversation requires discretion and confidentiality. In the lounge’s comfortable interior, one floor up, decision makers, politicians, fashion designers and business entrepreneurs mingle and relax amongst the comfortable sofas and other fine furnishings.

Here, in the centre of Stockholm, we try to exceed your expectations for your meetings in terms of service and style. No other conference centre can match the Palace. Our goal is that every guest should feel welcome and energised in our warm environment.

The conference centre is managed by Kapitel 8. who also have a large facility on Klara Strand. You can read more about them and their services at: www.kapitel8.se.

To schedule a meeting, conference or event at The Match Palace, please contact their booking offices:

+46 8 698 87 00 or

The Company

Directly adjacent to the Palace conference rooms, lies the Company. An alternative for those seeking a temporary but very attractive office in central Stockholm. The environment is well-appointed, offices have access to modern technology and the work atmosphere is altogether highly agreeable.

All the company’s tenants have access to the Match Palace’s conference rooms and fitness centre. You can take advantage of the services provided by the Palace’s own reception. As a tenant of The Match Palace you will be able to utilize many of the communal lounges for events, smaller exhibitions or product launches where we can also provide superb catering for your guests. Everything and anything to facilitate you succeeding with your particular business venture.

The office space is, in addition, very accessible in terms of communications. Stockholm Central Station is within walking distance; several buses stop nearby and all three lines of the underground are within easy reach via a pair of nearby stations. For those of you who drive, we have excellent parking facilities, both in the mall and in the NK garage.

Although the location is central, the Company is a place that feels particularly quiet and restful, a unique oasis of style and luxury in a busy, busy world.

Contact us to find out more about all the possibilities. Please call or email:

+46 76 677 22 41 or

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